1. New wearable device gives 'sight' to the visually impaired

    New wearable device gives 'sight' to the visually impaired

    A new device made up of a tiny camera, an earpiece and a very powerful wearable computer could drastically improve the lives of some 21 million Americans living with a visual impairment.

    OrCam is not primarily a mobility aid, so it won’t replace a cane, but what it can do is help a wearer recognize and interpret the world around them by reading printed text off a variety of surfaces and recognizing products and faces.

    OrCam was founded in Israel by Amnon Shashua, a computer science professor at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The device is based on computer vision ...

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    1. It is unobtrusive so people feel comfortable wearing it. It is small and mobile so it is helpful everywhere. The battery lasts all day, so it becomes a useful tool for daily life.
    2. The wonderful thing about the OrCam device is that it can be used by anyone of any type of vision loss, from people who are visually impaired to those with no light perception.
    3. We envision an always-on, personal assistant as the next step in wearable technology.
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