1. Can Israeli scientists save Darwin’s finches?

    Can Israeli scientists save Darwin’s finches?

    The Galápagos Islands are known for their unique animal species – giant tortoises, iguanas and sea lions – but none are more legendary than the group of birds known as Darwin’s finches.

    Early discoveries from these tiny songbirds, which measure no bigger than a sparrow, are credited for having helped Charles Darwin develop his theory of evolution by natural selection. Now, 11 of the 13 finch species found in the Galápagos are in danger of extinction due to a parasitic fly’s fatal impact on the populations.

    A research team from the Hebrew University’s Robert H. Smith Faculty ...

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    1. We can manipulate the behavior of the adults by attracting them to traps which are based on volatiles that are produced by their microbes. We have some preliminary data that is very promising and that's going to be our second major focus during this expedition.
    2. One can never predict what form this will take.
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