1. Novel process removes mercury from factory emissions | ISRAEL21c

    Novel process removes mercury from factory emissions | ISRAEL21c

    Unique made-in-Israel technology also renders the separated toxic metal stable and safe for disposal.

    Toxic mercury spewing out of coal-fired power plants, waste-incineration facilities, cement factories, metal processing plants and many other industries pollutes the air, water, and land.

    To comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations, facility managers are always seeking improved technologies for reducing and even eliminating mercury emissions.

    And that’s why Israeli startup MercuRemoval of Netanya is generating so much steam.

    MercuRemoval’s novel process for removing toxic mercury from flue-gas streams originated in the chemistry lab of Hebrew University professors Yoel Sasson and Zach Barnea. The ...

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    1. This simple regeneration and mercury separation process dramatically reduces operational costs compared to other commonly used solutions.
    2. Based on the fantastic results of our trial in Israel, we are progressing with potential international pilots.
    3. We look at 2018 as a breakthrough year in which we will set up an international pilot and raise additional funds through a Series A round.
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