1. Israel: The Startup Charitable Nation

    Israel: The Startup Charitable Nation

    Throughout the world, Israel is known as the “startup nation,” where investors are increasingly drawn to the innovation and brainpower that are its greatest natural resources. Accordingly, philanthropists are starting to look at their Israel-related donations less as one-shot gifts and more as charitable contributions with characteristics more typically associated with venture investments.

    An anonymous donor recently gave $1 million to the American Friends of Hebrew University (AFHU). The university invested the same sum of money in Agrinnovation, an Israeli agricultural investment fund partially owned by Yissum, HU’s technology commercialization company. Agrinnovation invests exclusively in cutting-edge agricultural technologies, food ...

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    1. The donation to Hebrew University assumed some characteristics of a typical venture investment, though it is purely philanthropic and the university will benefit from all the returns.
    2. If you are a donor and want to celebrate Israel's economy and young democracy, then you can accomplish many different goals through an investment in Israel and its agriculture sector.
    3. What we are seeing among second- and third-generation donors is that they're giving with their heads rather than their hearts.
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