1. The Goal: Printing the Perfect Burger from Cellulose

    The Goal: Printing the Perfect Burger from Cellulose

    Israeli food tech company Chef-it is about 18-24 months away from disrupting the fast food burger industry, according to Oded Shoseyov, Chef-it’s co-founder. The startup’s secret weapon: cellulose.

    Chef-it is developing a machine that can instantly “print” a juicy burger from a cartridge containing plant-based proteins, fats, and flavor components and the aforementioned cellulose, a common fiber that can be manipulated into a variety of textures, including that of beef muscle and fat. Chef-it’s technology uses infrared light to simultaneously cook the food as it prints.

    Oded Shoseyov. Photo: Tal AzoulayOded Shoseyov. Photo: Tal Azoulay

    According to Mr. Shoseyov, a professor ...

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    1. We are a few months away from delivering a burger that is indistinguishable from the real thing.
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