1. Hebrew University's Yissum launches ag-tech accelerator

    Hebrew University's Yissum launches ag-tech accelerator

    Yissum Technology Transfer Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in collaboration with its seed investment fund AgrInnovation, today announced the launch of HUGrow, a new food and ag-tech accelerator. The accelerator will focus on emerging technologies based on research conducted at Hebrew University.

    HUGrow is the third acceleration track of HUstart, the Hebrew University's Entrepreneurship Center. Eight projects were selected to participate in the accelerator's first cohort, four of which are general ag-tech and four of which are water and food-tech oriented. The announcement comes as the AgriVest conference, an initiative of The Trendlines Group, GreenSoil Investments ...
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    1. HUGrow equips entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and tools to seek investments for their early stage innovations.
    2. A proof of concept transforms early stage technologies into great investment targets for incubators, investors, and corporations. HUGrow will leverage the unparalleled experience, expertise and infrastructure of Hebrew University to transition these technologies into fundable assets.
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