1. Autonomous car nano-optics co TriEye raises $3m

    Autonomous car nano-optics co TriEye raises $3m

    The Israeli company has developed SWIR sensors to provide autonomous cars heightened visual capabilities in restricted visual conditions at significantly reduced cost.

    Israeli startup TriEye has announced the completion of a $3 million seed round led by Grove Ventures. Following the investment Grove Ventures managing partner Dov Moran has become chairman of TriEye. The Tel Aviv-based company will use the funds to expand development of its systems, hire more employees and strengthen its global presence.

    TriEye has developed a revolutionary visual sensory solution based on short-wave infra-red (SWIR) that has far-reaching implications for several industries including self-driving cars. The system ...

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    1. The company is offering capabilities that in the past were only accessible to defense and aerospace industries and at a minimal cost compared with the past. This capability improves the safety of advanced driver-assistance systems and is a major step forward to the extensive adoption of the technology by the carmakers.
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