1. Yissum Launches NanoTech Fund

    Yissum Launches NanoTech Fund

    JERUSALEMOct. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Yissum, The Technology Transfer Company of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, announced today the launch of its new NanoTech Fund which will focus exclusively on promising innovations emerging from Hebrew University's elite nanotech research. The Fund has already secured $6M from top international strategic and institutional investors, and will raise up to $9M.

    The NanoTech Fund will focus on smart materials and nanotechnologies, funding deep technologies offering integrated solutions in the areas of 3D printing, quantum science, and renewable energy. As the global nanomaterials and nanotech markets continue to grow, the fund will ensure ...

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    1. Yissum's NanoTech fund is uniquely positioned to invest in the most innovative smart materials technologies created by Hebrew University researchers.
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