1. Blood-sucking Sand Flies Love Munching on Marijuana

    Blood-sucking Sand Flies Love Munching on Marijuana

    When they’re not sucking the blood of animals, sand flies have a fondness for munching on the marijuana plant (Cannabis sativa), new research suggests.

    An international team of scientists found that in proportion to its abundance, Cannabis sativa was consumed by sand flies much more frequently than expected, suggesting it was highly attractive to the insects.

    According to a paper published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the findings could have implications for controlling sand fly populations across the globe. This is important because, much like the closely related mosquito, sand flies can spread dangerous ...

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    1. A novel approach for controlling blood-sucking mosquitoes and sand flies exploits their plant feeding habit by utilizing attractive toxic sugar baits [ATSBs] that emit olfactory cues to attract sand flies and mosquitoes.
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