1. New Discoveries in the Aging Process | Nursing

    New Discoveries in the Aging Process | Nursing

    The human race spends a great deal of time fighting the inevitable. Just about every stage of life is inevitable, but we exercise to live longer, eat certain diets to stay healthier, and undergo treatments and use different products to ‘stay younger.’

    As it pertains to that last one, an interesting new study indicates that perhaps we are right to be concerned, and if anything, our concerns should start sooner than they already do.

    Through the use of separation of young and old yeast cells, which can cycle through a full generation in about four hours, Dr. Yaakov Nahmias at ...

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    1. The AT-1 protein is involved in a host of quality-control processes in our cells that affect both development and aging.
    2. When persons take the same or similar tests repeatedly over time, they simply get better at taking the tests.
    3. In other words, some men would have declined to levels indicating impairment on follow-up testing had they not been exposed to the tests before.
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