1. The Men Who Become Dads After Death

    The Men Who Become Dads After Death

    FATHER FIGURE The Men Who Become Dads After Death In Israel, the right to a posthumously conceived child is increasingly being granted not just to partners, but to parents of the deceased. 03.04.19 5:06 AM ET Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast/Shutterstock More than four years ago, Liat Malka waited anxiously for a sperm sample from a deceased man she had never met to fertilize her solitary egg in a hospital petri dish.

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    1. Look how nicely he smiles. That's Daddy.
    2. There's a very strong urge to have children here.
    3. Whether the decisions are difficult or not, leaving an issue like this unregulated will only create problems down the line.
    4. We don't have a long-term registry to see how well the sperm do, how active [they are], if they're healthy if you wait five hours as compared to 15 hours
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