1. Climate research multidisciplinary center opens at Hebrew U.

    Climate research multidisciplinary center opens at Hebrew U.
    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which considers climate issues as some of the most significant scientific problems the world currently faces, established a climate research center, the Hebrew University Center for Climate Science (HUCS).
    The new center, headed by the two researchers Prof. Hezi Gildor and Dr. Uri Adam, will make it possible to deal with the challenges of the climate crisis in the Middle East region. The center's members will focus on building an up-to-date and accurate regional climate model.
    The center will allow ideas, research and interdisciplinary brainstorming around the climate issue to collaborate with the Meteorological ...
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    1. The changing climate is a topic that poses major problems and questions for humanity in the coming decades. The main tool that researchers use today to predict climate change is climate models.
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