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    2. Hebrew University's Yissum launches ag-tech accelerator

      Hebrew University's Yissum launches ag-tech accelerator
      Yissum Technology Transfer Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalemin collaboration with its seed investment fund AgrInnovation, today announced the launch of HUGrow, a new food and ag-tech accelerator. The accelerator will focus on emerging technologies based on research conducted at Hebrew University. HUGrow is the third acceleration track of HUstart, the Hebrew University's Entrepreneurship Center. Eight projects were selected to participate in the accelerator's first cohort, four ...
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    3. Israel at 70 - The future of food in Israel

      Israel at 70 - The future of food in Israel
      Where will our food come from in the future? How will its nutritional value improve? Will we still be eating meat or will everyone become vegetarian? And what about the people who are just too busy to eat?Professor Oren Froy has all the answers. In this video made by White Animation for the Israel 70+ project in honor of Israel's upcoming 70th anniversary of independence, Professor Oren Froy ...
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    4. How Older Widow Spiders Seduce Younger Males—And Eat Them

      How Older Widow Spiders Seduce Younger Males—And Eat Them
      When it comes to wooing the ladies, male brown widow spiders dont always make the best decisions. On paper, younger females are the better optionthey dont demand a lengthy courtship and theyre more fertile than their older counterparts. They are also much less likely to eat their mates alive. (Read more about how male widows avoid becoming lunch.) Yet when given a choice, male brown widow spiders opt for older ...
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    1. If you are a donor and want to celebrate Israel's economy and young democracy, then you can accomplish many different goals through an investment in Israel and its agriculture sector.
      In Israel: The Startup Charitable Nation
    2. We are excited about our association with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and look forward to meaningful cooperation with them in areas from basic to applied research. We will also explore ways to jointly commercialize technology.
      In Virginia Tech and Hebrew University of Jerusalem to collaborate on research and student exchange
    3. Agriculture today is entering its digital phase.
      In Thousands attend startup nation’s biggest tech conference