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    1. I am truly excited to have the opportunity to join BioCancell's Board of Directors.  BC-819 has the potential to be the first of its kind DNA-directed cancer therapy. I look forward to being part of BioCanCell as it is targeting this serious unmet medical need.
      In BioCanCell Announces Appointment of Ms. Ruti Alon to Board of Directors
    2. The majority of aging research has been done on invertebrates, in which it is challenging to study things like bone degeneration, declining immune function, declining ability to benefit from vaccinations, and increasing susceptibility to cancer and infections.
      In Tiny fish swims to Israel to help unlock mystery of aging
    3. To my knowledge, this is the first study to examine both breast tissue and distant sites of the body for bacterial differences in breast cancer.
      In Cleveland Clinic researchers find link between bacterial imbalances and breast cancer