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    1. Publisher: ISRAEL21c
      We share the Fiverr community's appreciation for the work it takes to build something great.
      - In Fiverr teams up with NY Yankees for entrepreneur contest
    2. Publisher: ISRAEL21c
      Agriculture today is entering its digital phase.
      - In Thousands attend startup nation’s biggest tech conference
    3. Publisher: Health News and Information
      This work provides a novel approach to slow the development of renal injury through chronic blockade of peripheral CB Rs.
      - In New study offers insights on mechanisms behind development of kidney damage due to obesity
    4. Publisher: Tulane University
      This is letting us build bridges between institutions, both within the U.S. but also between the U.S. and Israel in a way that would have simply not been possible without it.
      - In Academic partnership launches between US and Israel
    5. Publisher: Tulane University
      We are delighted to be a part of such a worthwhile endeavor that will promote academic partnership between the United States and Israel.
      - In Academic partnership launches between US and Israel
    6. Publisher: VentureBeat
      After our initial launch, we're getting some great feedback from current users on how to make the camera even better.
      - In Vuze VR camera will soon support Macs, livestreaming, and underwater filming | VentureBeat | AR/VR | by Paul Sawers
    7. Publisher: New Scientist
      Neanderthals most likely had brains capable of learning and executing the complex manoeuvres involved in talking, but their speech would not have been as clear and comprehensible as ours, perhaps accounting in part for their extinction.
      - In It only takes a few gene tweaks to make a human voice
    8. Publisher: Jewish & Israel News
      This diagnostic tool relates to the metabolic activity of the cells in a tumor or other in other tissue that may be suspicious.
      - In Israeli Team Develops Method to Monitor Tumors Without Radiation
    9. Publisher: Archaeology
      This new inscription helps us understand Justinian's building projects in Jerusalem, especially the Nea Church.
      - In Byzantine Mosaic Contains Rare Greek Inscription
    10. Publisher: Fox News
      The fact that the inscription survived is an archaeological miracle.
      - In Ancient inscription unearthed in Jerusalem, thrilling archaeologists
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