1. What red hot chile peppers might be able to do for cancer pain treatment

    What red hot chile peppers might be able to do for cancer pain treatment

    It’s no secret that Israelis can do amazing things with spicy foods. Exhibit No. 1: zhug, the hot sauce derived from chile peppers that seems to be taking the world by storm.

    But some of the greatest excitement today in Israel surrounding chile peppers is happening outside the kitchen — in laboratories, where scientists are experimenting with the pain-suppressing properties of hot peppers for uses as critical as the treatment of pain associated with cancer.

    Few things in life hurt more than diseases like bone or uterine cancer, or the chemotherapy used to treat them, according to Israeli pharmacologist and ...

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    1. What we want to do is develop drugs that will enable us to target only the pain fibers in the periphery and stop those neurons from transmitting the noxious stimuli signal to the brain.
    2. The pain system is built to signal us there's a problem.
    3. Most cancer patients would suffer any pain you can imagine if it would help them get rid of the cancer.
    4. During this whole horror, she was in terrible pain.
    5. Opioids were really good as long as they were under control.
    6. The medical society here never let it go like in the U.S..
    7. In the best-case scenario, except for minor pain, completely replacing opioids is a dream. I don't think that'll ever happen because opioids are too good.
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